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The GW Soft Web Store Front is a flexible and fully customizable online store.  Leveraging the power of the Microsoft .Net framework and coupling this with the web development capability of GW Soft, the web store front enables your organisation to have an online entry point for customers to purchase products or services anywhere, at any time.  Some of the key advantages to using an online store include:

Reduced Overheads Running an online store is usually a cheaper option for retail purposes. The online store enables customers to quickly and easily browse through product ranges and get the relevent information as needed.
Broader Market Base An online store has the potential of reaching a far wider audience which can be a global reach.
24x7 Shopping Online a physical store, your online web store is available to customers wanting to shop all day and all night 7 days a week. The store availability is not limited by typical business hours of traditional physical stores. This is naturally dependeng on the products or services being sold.
Greater Flexibility Your online product catalog is not restricted by space constraints typically found in physical stores. Businesses have the ability to quickly expand their product and service offerings through an e-commerce drive website.

The GW Soft Web Store Front is an e-commerce enabler site targeted at small businesses wanting to establish a cost effective and feature rich online store.  The platform is based on an open source .NET Commerce Platform and extended through GW Soft Consulting's development capability. 

The following section will outline some of the key features available in the product which covers professional services, platform features and hosting services.  The product is designed to enable small businesses and large businesses alike to enter the world of e-commerce through a feature rich simple platform.

Professional Services

Service Description
Graphic Design Graphic design services enables your web commerce strategy by integrating your existing brand into the e-commerce platform.  Don't have a brand yet, our graphic design team can also be leveraged to create a unique brand to be applied to your web commerce strategy.
Product Management Services As an enabler product, our content management team will assist you in getting your various products and services created within the web store front.  Additional content items which can be leveraged off to enhance your customers experience when using the store can also be created and managed through this service.
Search Engine Optimization All products and services coupled with the additional content published through the web store front can be beneficial to search engines when potential customers search for products and services on the internet.  Included in the package, GW Soft will list and manage the store front on both Google and Bing search to facilitate the basic SEO required to attract customers to your store.


Platform Features

The platform on which the web store front is delivered offers a host of out of the box features to effectively manage the key components of an e-commerce store.  The features range from product catalogs through sales dashboard and effectively enables an order to cash process through a web front-end.  Below is a summary of the key features associated with the platform.

Mobile Device Support Nested Categories Gift Cards Recurring Products Product Kits
Real-Time Currency Exchange Rates Data Import/Export (XML, Excel) Returns Management (RMA) Configurable Sales Countries Product Level Security
Web Services Interface Extensible Product Attributes Product Tagging Targetted Pricing Simple Products or Complex Products through variants
Product Search Inventory Tracking Product Comparison Cross-Sell Support Back-Order and Pre-Order
Product Dependencies Back in Stock notifications Reward Points System Related Products Marketing Manager (e-mails campaigns)
Discount Sales (with periods) Volume Discounts (tier pricing) Customer Reviews and Ratings (with moderation) General Content (Polls, Blogs, Forums) Customizable Templates
Custom Shipping Integration Manage Applicable Taxes Multiple Payment Methods Customer Wish Lists Customer Self-Service Registration


Hosting Services

The Web Store Front is bundled with world-class hosting services on the core GW Soft infrastructure offering clients peace of mind when it comes to availability and support of their web hosting services.  Some of the key features available in the hosting services include:

 - 24 x 7 Monitoring and Incident Response

 - Performance Monitoring and Optimization

 - Redundant Hosting Servers on a scalable and robust platform

 - Analytical Reporting

 - Backup and Recovery including off-site recovery capabilities

 - Unlimited site bandwidth

The Web Store Front from GW Soft Consulting is available for a monthly recurring fee of R999.00 per month and includes the following:

  1. 10 Hours Site Setup and Publishing which includes all the professional services required to startup your website or migrate from an existing site.
  2. 24 Hours Professional Services per annum for the maintenance and advancement of your site
  3. All hosting and account management fees.  An account manager will be assigned to your account and manage the relationship between GW Soft Consulting and your key business contacts
  4. Advisory Services from our internal web development professionals
  5. Integration with selected payment gateways

NOTE:  Initial subscription to the Web Starter Kit is subject to a 12 month contract in order to receive the benefits listed above.

NOTE:  Payment gateway and banking fees are excluded from the GW Soft Consulting fees.

Please contact us for further information on our Web Starter Kit.