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The GW Soft Web Site Starter Kit is an ideal solution for small businesses who want to enable a web strategy through an effective and efficient platform that is both easy to use and intuitive.  Based on the Microsoft .Net platform, the content management system offers users a flexible and robust environment in which content can easily be managed by users of all skill levels.  From basic WYSIWYG content creation features right down to enabling custom code and application functionality, the Web Starter Kit provides you with the tools and features required to build an effective web platform for your business.

Some of the key features included in the Web Starter Kit are:

 - Scalable Web Content Management Platform
 - Simple and Feature Rich content creation and editing
 - Out of the box features such as blogs, forums, image galleries, RSS Feed Aggregators and a whole lot more
 - Search Engine Optimization Features

Over and above being on a robust platform, GW Soft's web professionals assist all clients of the Web Starter Kit with a series of professional services to help you get your site started including

 - Graphic Design and Web Template Creation
 - Content Creation and Management Services
 - Basic Search Engine Optimization
 - Advisory Services

The Web Starter Kit comes with a series of features from Professional Services to the Web Content Management platform and Hosting Services.  The kit is specifically designed with the small business in mind and careful consideration has been made to the various products and services that would be required by any small business embarking on a web strategy.

The following information will summarize the key features that have been included in the Web Starter Kit, but this is by no means an exhaustive list of what your organization can expect from our web enablement strategy for the small business.

Professional Services

With the purchase of the Web Starter Kit on a 12 month contract, customers will receive the following key services to enable either the creation of a new web site or migration from an existing website.

Service Description
Graphic Design This service can be used to either enhance existing corporate identity elements or to develop a completely new corporate identity which can be used as part of your web strategy.
Web Template Development At the core of any Web Content Management System is the set of templates and themes that govern the overall sites look and feel.   Translation of the corporate identity into a web template is the first step towards the implementation of a platform that can be used to realize your web strategy.
Content Management When used in a site migration, content management services enable the migration of your existing web content into the web content management system provided through the Web Starter Kit.  Content enhancements may also be recommended as part of this migration.
For new website developments, content supplied by the client is converted into the web content hosted within the web content management system.  As with a migration, enhancements may also be provided to new content envisioned for the website.
Search Engine Optimization All content published through the web content management platform will have the necessary meta-data and search engine optimization attributes to ensure that your site is effectively identified by relevant search engines.  Included in the package will be listing of the site with the both Google and Bing search engines to provide additional visibility on the internet.

Web Content Management System

The Website Starter Kit offers customers the following key features to enable their web strategy:

Feature Description
HTML 5 Compliant with WYSIWYG Editor Having an HTML 5 compliant editor offering a "What You See Is What You Get" editor enables business users to easily manage content on the platform.  Using a familiar set of tools found in most popular Word Processors, users can create and edit content making use of images, tables, formatted text, quotes and a host of other content functionality.
Blogs The blog module enables business users to easily share information with your target market.  Through the use of the blog module, users of the platform can easily start showcasing the products and services offered through a means of article writing or news sharing.
Forums Moderated forums enable businesses and their customers to effectively communicate using an online medium creating visibility into commons issues, successes or general information sharing related to business activities.  Enable customer to customer communications, customer to business communications or simply use forums to discuss topics relevant to your business in a discussion style.
Image Galleries The platform supports a number of different image galleries enabling users of the platform to quickly share images relating to products, services or any other type of images which a business wishes to share.  Images can be presented to users in multiple ways from folder type views through to flexible slide shows with advanced transitioning effects and captions.
Twitter Integration Quickly integrate feeds from your Twitter account to your website, or include feeds from multiple Twitter accounts to various areas of your site.  Twitter is a popular platform on which people can keep in touch with their customers, partners or interested parties using quick short posts to the twitter platform.
Events Calendar Calendars are useful to publishing date related information through your website.  The content is presented to users in a "calendar" style which can be customized to effectively keep visitors to your site informed about content such as events or important deadlines.
Contact Forms Contact forms enable users to make contact with your organization and can be a very valuable source of leads.
Polls Quickly get feedback on topics related to products or services through quick polls published on various content areas of your site.  You can display the result of polls through your site or simply use this information as part of your market research.
Surveys While polls offer a fast mechanism to get feedback from visitors to your site, surveys can be targeted at specific feedback scenarios.  Use of surveys can produce valuable insight into business activities such as getting detailed feedback on products or services offered, feedback about recent engagements with customers or a host of other scenarios.
Site Search A built-in feature enabling users to quickly search through the contents of your site for specific pieces of information or information related to certain topics available.

Note that the above list is not a comprehensive list of all the features available on the platform. For a full list, please contact us to be given a full demo of our platform.

Hosting Services

The Web Starter Kit is bundled with world-class hosting services on the core GW Soft infrastructure offering clients peace of mind when it comes to availability and support of their web hosting services.  Some of the key features available in the hosting services include:

 - 24 x 7 Monitoring and Incident Response

 - Performance Monitoring and Optimization

 - Redundant Hosting Servers on a scalable and robust platform

 - Analytical Reporting

 - Backup and Recovery including off-site recovery capabilities

 - Unlimited site bandwidth



The Web Starter Kit from GW Soft Consulting is available on a monthly recurring fee of R599.00 per month and includes the following:

  1. 4 Hours up front consultancy services to discover the client's specific needs.
  2. 5 Hours site setup and publishing which includes all the professional services required to startup your website or migrate from an existing site.
  3. 32 Hours initial site design & development.
  4. 12 Hours professional services per annum for the maintenance and advancement of your site
  5. All hosting and account management fees.  An account manager will be assigned to your account and manage the relationship between GW Soft Consulting and your key business contacts
  6. Advisory Services from our internal web development professionals

NOTE:  Initial subscription to the Web Starter Kit is subject to a 24 month contract in order to receive the benefits listed above.

Please contact us for further information on our Web Starter Kit.