GW Soft Consulting

GW Soft Consulting was established in 2005 as a software development company building solutions on the Microsoft .NET Framework for clients requiring very specialized solutions. Applications included payroll support solutions, factory maintenance management solutions, point of sale solutions, safety information management systems, etc.

Over the years as the technology arena advanced, GW Soft Consulting expanded on it's portfolio of services to include non-software development related domains from business process optimization to infrastructure and communication platforms.  Use of commercially off the shelf products to address business challenges became an area of focus as applications became more readily available and customizable.

Today, GW Soft consulting completes projects in multiple disciplines across IT for a multitude of
industry verticals. 

Some of the verticals which GW Soft Consulting currently provides services too include:

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Automotive and Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Safety and Compliance

One of the key success factors in the business practices used by GW Soft Consulting is our ability to interact with our clients throughout the lifecycle of a technology related project.  Process centric development methodologies coupled with best practice approaches to design, development and delivery form a key part of that success. We believe strongly in facilitating transparency of the engagement between all stakeholders.