GW Soft Consulting

Your Logo, Your Face
How does your target audience feel about you, even before you have done business?
The answer to that question has a lot to do with your Corporate Identity. Your logo in essence is the face of your organisation.

Every visual aspect of your business can lure business to you; or, often, distract, mislead or even push your potential clients away.
Do you know what pulls your target audience towards you? Do you know what pushes them away?

Areas to consider includes the quality, clarity, consistency, colour scheme and memorability of you current logo, and in fact all other visual aspects of your Corporate Identity.

The GW Design creative team can help you discover these areas and guide you in the right direction.

Our approach to creating your logo

1. Nice to meet you
We believe that getting to know you is the first step.
Your goals as an organisation, along with understanding your target audience are key in creating a logo that will represent you well, and make the best impression to your target audience.

2. The Brief
A brief will be compiled outlining who you are, who your target audience is and what message you want to convey. Research into your particular industry and what leaders in your field are using is important to keep in mind to insure your design stands out from the rest. Your aesthetic preference (your personal thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see, including: colours, shapes, weight & type of logo) is also outlined and presented in the brief.
3. Research & Brainstorming
Once you have approved the brief, Our design team does extensive research into you industry and market, to determine what approach would be most beneficial to achieving the desired result.
We do an investigation into your competitors to ascertain what the best way would be to present you to your target audience with the competitive edge.
4. Design
The different ideas are recreated onto a computer, using some of the latest design software.
The x3 best ideas are modelled and tweaked for the presentation.
5. The Presentation
You are then presented with these three designs. During this presentation each design will have a description and an explanation to demonstrate the thought that has gone into each. We will also offer our personal preferences and reasons for the designs.
This is where you choose the winning design, and if necessary, supply us with the feedback so that we can apply any last tweaks, so that your design is 100% right.

6. The Handover
Your logo will be handed over to you in all the different file formats and sizes you may need. You will receive the design on CD, disc or email.
A brand document will also be presented which will outline the rules for using your logo. This is to ensure that the integrity of your brand is not compromised. A suitable font for your company will be included which will further enhance and define your brand.

Is your marketing material worth the business it generates?
Countless business cards, flyers and adverts go unnoticed because of poor design.
We believe that if you are going to invest in the printing or publishing of business cards, flyers or adverts, it is worth having them professionally designed.

Take advantage of this unique design combo, where we professionally design, or redesign your Business Cards, Flyers/Posters, and Adverts.

1. The Business Cards
As the digital era grows, our need for printed items have shrunk. Having said this, one of the most powerful marketing items is still the old business card. Wherever you may go, it’s never easier to hand out that simple little card. That single card has the potential to open a door to untold business. However, that little card, once it leaves your hand, is all that represents you and your business.
Having a well-designed business card, representing you well, can make all the difference between getting that phone call, or your card disappearing amongst the others, in a pile of mediocrity.
Your business cards designed by us, will live up to its name and get you more business.

2. Flyer/Poster
Selling you is the name of our game. A well designed Flyer/Poster means that the message is simple, well directed and highlights what benefits your product or service offers its target audience.
Depending on your industry, flyers can be an effective marketing strategy. The goal is to make sure that when it lands in the right hands, the phone call or email will come through. The same would apply for posters viewed by by-passers.

3. Adverts
Advert design is different to flyers and posters in that you can control your exposure and even who will see it. You can advertise in newspapers and magazines and on the internet, all of which have a particular audience and exposure.
More focused messages can be conveyed that would appeal to a particular market.
If you sell weight protein for instance, you could target sportsmen by advertising in sports magazines.

Our offering
This combo is designed to boost your marketing effort.
It is worth making sure your business cards, flyers, posters or adverts are well designed before printing or publishing. Make sure that those who see you, like what they see.